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May Recycling Update

Every Braintree household has been provided with a set of recycling/trash carts that remain with the residence, as they are the property of the Town.  Carts have a serial number, which should be recorded by residents, as carts will sometimes be considered missing when they are just at another location on the street.  It is permissible for residents to put an identifying mark on the carts.

Spring is a good time to re-evaluate your trash/recycling cart requirements.  An additional trash cart can be obtained for an annual fee of $100 and an additional recycling cart for a one-time fee of $50.  Contact the Collector’s Office at 781-794-8130 for details. Damaged carts should be reported to the Trash/Recycling Office (781-794-8088) for repairs or replacement.  Smaller size carts are available by calling the Trash/Recycling Office.